Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Real Togetherness

Real togetherness is the relationship between the tree and the earth.  One draws its sustenance from the other.  Both draw life from each other.  Necessarily.  Ineluctably.  That ineluctability is the real togetherness.  But the extraction is based on a deep understanding.  The tree needs the earth for driving its hungry roots down as much as the earth needs the tree for materialising its fecundity. 

When the infant draws life from its mother’s breasts, the mother is enriched too.  That mutual enrichment is real togetherness.

Real togetherness is when man and woman probe into the eyes of each other and see oneself reflected in the eyes of the other.  The other becomes a lake into which one plunges to emerge in a while with enhanced zest for life.  The breeze of the heavens wafts through the necessary interstices of that zest. 

Real togetherness is the essence of the apple that Eve and Adam bit into before being ejected summarily from God’s patronisation.  It is grappling with the waves in the unchartered waters outside the Eden where Newton, rather than God, calculates the gravitational pull between the apple and the earth.  Where the various avatars of God determines who can live together.  And, alas, who cannot!  Avatars that have not attained the enlightenment required to understand the longing of the apple to dissolve into the earth’s entrails and re-emerge like the phoenix with new life. 

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Togetherness is impossible without Enlightenment.  Because togetherness is a harmonious symphony that transmutes the bestial biped into a merging raga.  A harmony that extracts a willing surrender which is rooted in the realisation that everyone of us owes Nature a death.  

In the meanwhile, before the time draws close for the final surrender, real togetherness is a deliverance.  Deliverance from the preposterous gods that have extracted orgasmic sacrifices from us in their electronic avatars.  It is the deliverance of the spirit from digital bits and bytes into soulful verses.

Real togetherness is the mating of the spade with the soil stirring phoenix wings into motion from the interred ashes.  Not the lustful assaults of the bulldozer seeking mastery over the earth and its genuine inheritors.  Not the assembly of hallucinated Satsangis chanting soulless mantras about bovine sanctity, but the assimilation of the eternal spirit that sparkles in all that was, is and will ever be.  It is the ascent of the soul to the wisdom of the Aham Brahmasmi.

It is the vanishing act of the Aham at the vision of the eternal spirit whose creative impulse wafts relentlessly through the multifarious instruments producing the orchestra of the cosmos.  It is the enlightenment that transforms the Aham into yet another flower in the vast garden of heterogeneous flowers. 

Real togetherness is when the tomatoes can inspire us with new songs.  With melodies in place of tragedies.  With smiles that reduce the miles between you and me. 


  1. I wonder if such real togetherness is affordable in a lifetime at all. If yes, I wonder of it can be realized through our humanly senses at all. That culmination. It is the highest rank a man can achieve.

    Thanks for a stimulating post.

    1. Possible, yes. Affordable? Depends. Practical? We have to ask our PM!


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