Monday, March 28, 2016

The Danger of BJP’s Doublespeak

One of the most common responses of the BJP to criticism is to cite examples of similar deviation by the Congress.  For example, tell them that communal disharmony is on the rise after the party came to power and they will quickly cite the riots that followed Indira Gandhi’s assassination or other similar instances.  Tell them now that the imposition of President’s rule in Uttarakhand just a day prior to the scheduled trust vote is a cynical subversion of democracy and they will point to the imposition of Emergency by Indira Gandhi. 

The BJP came to power promising us DIFFERENCE.  It promised us DEVELOPMENT.  It gave us dreams about a country that will fly on the wings of science and technology.  It promised us cleanliness.  We dreamt about RS 15 lakh in the accounts of each one of us, the black money brought back from wherever that is stashed away.

While we dreamt, Vijay Mallya escaped with Rs 9000 crore from our banks!

Nothing has changed, in fact.  As Arun Shourie, a BJP man himself, said, the BJP is just the Congress plus the cow.   That is, we got one more enslaving icon for the nation that is already overcrowded with idols. 

Uttarakhand follows Arunachal Pradesh where the Congress govt was replaced with a BJP-backed one recently.  We are naturally left to suspect that similar processes may be repeated in many more states in future.  Educational institutions like universities are already being converted into right wing fortresses by appointing to the top positions people with Sangh parivar connections as well as by suppressing all forms of dissension.

Doublespeak has become an integral part of the present dispensation in Delhi.  There is a conspicuous gap between the real and the declared aims.  The hapless citizens are left with dreams while certain hidden agenda are overpowering their real lives with a marauding force. 

Describing the chief characteristic of doublespeak, Edward S. Herman, political economist and media analyst, wrote in his book, Beyond Hypocrisy, “What is really important in the world of doublespeak is the ability to lie, whether knowingly or unconsciously, and to get away with it; and the ability to use lies and choose and shape facts selectively, blocking out those that don’t fit an agenda or program.”

When the BJP tries to absolve itself by drawing parallels with the Congress, it forgets the simple fact that the Congress never had any fascist agenda.  The Congress was corrupt.  It helped its politicians mint money through fraudulence and chicanery.  It even made use of religious communities as vote banks.  But it never sought to establish any theocracy.  It never deceived itself with cultural hypocrisies.  It never believed in its own doublespeak. 

The Congress never made use of malicious propaganda.  It did not manufacture consent or create illusions, to use Noam Chomsky’s phrases.  It did not foster holy cows. 

Forging histories, manufacturing truths, suppressing dissent, imposing illusions on people... these make BJP a PARTY WITH A DIFFERENCE and what a pernicious difference it is!


  1. I am a green horn on political commentary but all the same, the unfair and prejudicial inclination towards the congress save for some fleeting remarks on corruption has stirred a hornets nest in my bird brain. I for one, feel that fascism emerges in the newsrooms which are singularly owned by the political class and they go to any extent to divide the country where the masses are simply oblivious to such divisions. The nation's destiny is now in the hands of the media owned by power wielding politicians who chant the mantra of intolerance and seek ally in the name of fascism. Though you may have presented your point of view here, I notice a blind inclination to a dynasty that has fragmented India on the basis of caste, creed and religion for over 50 years and an ignorant standpoint on an alternative that is judged by a chauvinistic disposition. As far as the ruling party is concerned,I can only recall this quote...“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”
    well in a lighter vein,
    It is time to take our comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke!

    1. Isn't it your own prejudices, my dear friend, that make my views appear prejudiced or unfair?

      Everyone knows that Mr Modi is an RSS man and that he has a fascist agenda though no one likes to speak about it. What has happened to all the much touted economic agenda? The bringing back of black money, etc? Nothing. Instead we had ghar wapsi programmes, univ controversies, attacks on religious places, cow worship, killing of people for eating beef or allegedly eating it...

      I'm not a Congressman as you think. I voted for Kejrival's AAP the last time - I was in Delhi at that time. Now in Kerala, there is no likelihood of my voting for the Congress at all...

      And I had to leave my job in Delhi because a religious cult destroyed my school for the sake of a godman's greed for land. Do godmen get BJP's support for doing such things?


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