Thursday, March 31, 2016

Nationalism of the Deprived

Those who can afford it are leaving India.  According to a report by New World Wealth published in today’s Times of India, 4000 Indian millionaires chose to leave the country in 2015 and settle down elsewhere.  They are rich enough to abandon nationalism and embrace internationalism. 

Source: TCN Cartoon
The godman is missing from the cartoon because he is an internationalist!
Nationalism is for those who can’t afford internationalism.  Those who can’t afford to leave the country will have to accept the laws and regulations about what to eat, what to speak, what to wear, etc from certain groups of people who have the support of the ruling party at the centre. 

The report says that France witnessed the highest outflow and the reason is the religious tension in the country.  Other European countries such as Germany, Belgium, Sweden and UK are likely to face the problem of emigration because of religious reasons.  Perhaps, religion is the major villain in most countries which their citizens choose to leave behind.  Including India. 

How ironical it is that religion, which is supposed to make human beings good and merciful, has become the biggest villain of the century.  Isn’t it time to take a re-look at this villainous entity?  isn’t it time to usher in a new era of Enlightenment?

Religion has always been a handmaid of political power.  Different rulers have made use of it in different ways to keep people suppressed.  In independent India, no regime succeeded in converting religion into a tool of mass oppression as the present one at the centre has. 

The same regime has put in place a system which makes more and more millionaires who can leave the country and settle down comfortably in any country of their choice.  Nationalism is not for them.  The same system ensures that there will be a significant population left behind in perpetual poverty on whom nationalism can continue to be imposed by those wielding the power.  After all, in order to exercise power, there must be some subjects. 

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