Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Modi, the Messiah

BJP has made a clean sweep of the Chandigarh municipal elections by winning 20 of the 26 seats.  Amit Shah has already declared the victory as the people’s approval of the demonetisation.  We should not disregard Shah’s declaration as the Hanuman’s natural devotion to his god.  In fact, BJP’s sweeping victory is an indication of things to come.  The party may end up winning many more elections in the coming months.  As many as seven states are going to assembly elections in 2017.

“An economic measure should be, and normally is, judged on the basis of how it benefits the people, and any measure that brings distress to the people is derided for that reason. What we find in the present case however is just the opposite: the more demonetization brings distress to the people, the more it is applauded for its wisdom and courage.”  Prof Prabhat Patnaik wrote recently in The Citizen.  [emphasis retained from the original]

There is nothing surprising about people accepting their distress voluntarily.  They may even ask for more suffering.  Provided there is a religious touch to it all.

Modi as the idol in a temple
in Gujarat last year
Mr Modi has carefully crafted an image for himself, an image which is that of a Messiah.  He is the Messiah in contemporary India for exterminating evil and upholding righteousness.  Millions of Indians see Mr Modi as the contemporary avatar of the eternal terminator of evil.  Once religion comes in, distress becomes necessary self-sacrifice, a sacred ritual.  You can’t get to the Paradise without accepting the self-sacrifice of jihad in Islam.  Christianity is explicit about the road to heaven being paved with thorns and pains.  Hindu pilgrimages aren’t devoid of suffering and sacrifices.

Sacrifice is accepted as a religious doctrine and necessity when Paradise is the goal.  That is why Indians have fallen in love with their distresses spawned by demonetisation.  That is also why Mr Modi is likely to remain a hero for many more years.

We should remember how an equation has been created between the suffering of the ordinary citizens with that of the soldiers at the border.  Yes, it’s a glorious war we are fighting.  That’s the message passed directly into the hearts of the people who are always willing to suffer anything provided there is a Messiah who assures them of the final victory.  And in this glorious war against a demoniac enemy, we have to embrace sacrifices such as standing in long queues before ATMs or enduring hunger for days.

When you transmogrify a people into an army of devotees fighting for a god, your victory is assured.  People love their gods and the gods' Messiahs. 

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  1. Your sarcasm is apt Sir. The rule (to be exact, the era) of Mr. Modi appears to be a labyrinth without a way out for the suffering commoners. The massess will continue to suffer and still continue to root for him. He is God, after all. Suffering is increasing only day-by-day on account of irrational and high-handed decisions imposed by the government but none of such decisions appears to be the proverbial last straw on the camel's back.

    1. It's also interesting how the Modi govt and its various machinery keep on changing decisions and yet people kowtow to them. One day they will tell us not to rush to the banks as there's time till Dec 30 and the next day they ask us to furnish reasons why we did not rush. One day's limit for exchange is not the next day's. Even the chameleon will be baffled by the govt's change of colours. Yet he gets worshippers. Only gods can afford to be so capricious and yet win so much adoration.

  2. They have fine tuned the art of harassment..

    1. You name it appropriately: art of harassment.

  3. "You can make a fool of a man many times; you can make fools of many men one time; but you cannot make fools of all men all the time", is what comes to my mind;) Let's see..there are many a's a long way..the masses are agitated:(

    1. As Dickens said in Hard Times, it's the best of times and the worst of times. Maybe, after these hard times there will be the best of times. Maybe it's going to be much worse. Personally I'm not very optimistic.

  4. Liked this post for its subtlety in the sarcasm..

  5. I think the people are waiting for Dec 30 deadline for things to come to normal, face value of Mr Modi has still not faded but I have seen and talked to the people who were ardent Modi fan but now promises to not vote for him

  6. Equating the results of chandigarh muncipal elections across the country and reading it as the sign of things to come is a wrong interpretation. The mentioned elections are not fought on national issues but local muncipality centric ones...Who knows ....there would have been no worthy candidates other than BJP in the fray..That could have been a reason.....Or being a muncipality which ofcourse is urbanised, it can be assumed that chandigarh would have had the infrastructure already in place to face the demonitisation drive..since many urban dwellers already use digital payment methods....And the middle class being major component of urban india today they wouldve already ushered in digital supporting the modi move..
    But state elections or lok sabha elections are different ball games......
    Here the rural comes in...those who are unbanked, illiterate, daily wagers, etc...
    Im trying to say that State elections vannal MODI kkittu 8 inte Pani kittum... Naadinuvendi kudumba jeevitham thyagam cheythu ennu kashtapettu undakkiya image ippol potti thazey veezhunna nilayilanu....
    Kaaranam, pothujanam,especially the women are thinking that Veedum, bharyayum makkalum onnum illathey ooru thendi nadakkunnavanu kudumba jeevithathinte kashtappadu onnum ariyan oru vazhiyum die in hospital due to lack of notes, elder ones are fainting in queues...pakshey ippozhum mallya, kallapanam ellam puratthu thanney.....

    His judgement day will come !! Annu karanju kaanichittu......bhaiyon bahano desh ke liye maine sab kuch choda ennokkey paranjal poi pani nokkedannu voter mar parayum..... especially rural !!


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