Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Where has trust gone?

I will be discharged soon from the hospital where I remained confined to my bed for the last ten days with a fractured foot.  One of the precious lessons I learnt during these helpless days is that too many people are losing trust in systems including medical services.

Hospitals carry out unnecessary tests and even surgeries merely for profit. This was the opinion of the vast majority of my visitors. Most foods are adulterated. Education is sheer business today. Most people seemed to have little trust in any system.

The present wave of patriotism that is sweeping the country also came in for much ridicule. The decision about demonetisation was leaked to people who matter. The foulest souls are preaching the noblest ideals like patriotism and need for self-sacrifice for the sake of the nation. Comparisons are drawn between the suffering citizen and the warring soldier. I imagined my wife as a Rani of Jhansi as she shuttled among her workplace, home, my hospital and merciless ATMs. The TV showed me a retired soldier being slapped by a constable maintaining discipline before an ATM. My country folk stood with reverence as the high decibels of the cinema halls blared the national anthem before the movie began. Patriotism surged in my veins.

But in the privacy of the hospital room people came and went cursing the nation and is varied hells.

One young friend said, "Even religion is business today.". He knew about certain religious people who whitened their invalid currency with the help of some of their staff and others.  Then he was in a hurry to leave.  Because the evening ritual in a particular religious place was about to begin and he had to attend it.

I lay in my bed looking at the bandage around my foot. Only my foot is broken, i consoled myself. 


  1. Wish you a speedy complete recovery. Health care, religion ... you name it.. everything is a business...

    1. Thanks, Durga sir.

      Regarding the commercialism, I believe people are going to rebel soon against certain systems at least. Or maybe there will just be winners and losers.

  2. I strongly believe that we,humans are pretty good in raising fingers. We very easily keep blaming rather then taking any action. Get well soon.

    1. It's easier to blame than take action. But it's also true that india is changing in undesirable ways.

      Thanks for the wishes.


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