Saturday, December 17, 2016

Rahul Gandhi’s Earthquake

Rahul Gandhi regaled the nation with the threat of an earthquake-like assault on PM Modi.  Far from an earthquake, there was not even a wind that could stir the slenderest willow stem.  That’s one of the deadliest tragedies the country is facing today: no opposition worth the name.   

In Kerala where I now live there is a species of birds whose Malayalam name translates as ‘Bum-shaking bird’.  This little bird’s bum keeps on shaking whenever it alights from flight.  The typical Malayali humour has it that the Bum-shaker thinks that there is an earthquake because it shakes its tail.  Rahul Gandhi has become the Bum-shaker of contemporary Indian politics.

It's time Rahul learnt that his grandmother and her present
successor share too many personality traits
One wonders why Rahul Gandhi issued the threat of exposing no smaller a figure than the Prime Minister of the country only to back out leaving the entire nation baffled.  Mr Gandhi owes an explanation to the nation on this matter.  Why did he meet the Prime Minister after issuing the threat?  Why did he bluff the nation with such a threat?  Is there any clandestine understanding between him and the Prime Minister?

There’s something called Game Theory in higher mathematics.  It analyses the strategies for dealing with competitive situations where the outcome of a participant’s choice of action depends critically on the actions of other participants.  The theory explains how in multi-player systems, views and behaviour patterns that harm all players manage to take root and spread.   

India is currently passing through a phase in which everyone seems to be becoming a loser.  The dictator in Mr Modi along with his co-players such as the Chief Justice and power heads like Amit Shah is converting the entire country into a gigantic puppet show.  There seems to be no sign of any winners in this show.  People like Rahul Gandhi who, being in the Opposition, should be playing a responsible role to put the nation back on the healthy track  of democracy have become comic Bum-shakers.  It’s a pathetic situation indeed.

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  1. Well written Tomichan ji, by the way.. can you send me your novel to my present address by VPP..? I will surely oblige ..please SMS your mobile number to 07893541003.Thank you very much.

    1. Thanks for the interest in my writing. I've responded via whatsapp. Please check.

  2. You are absolutely right Sir. The prime minister of India has taken the entire nation to ransom. A revolution is required against his fascism but there is not even a reasonable opposition or a noticeable movement in this context. If our so-called democracy is to survive, we need a potent opposition to take on the high-handedness and the dictatorship of the rulers. The absence of the same is badly felt at this moment.

    1. Indira Gandhi's new avatar is what we have today in the Centre.

  3. Speaking to the media, he said he wasn’t given a reason for being arrested, and that the same was done to him in Uttar Pradesh as well. Earlier in the day, the police had maintained that they would not permit Gandhi to visit the district. The Congress leader reached Udaipur, Rajasthan, before leaving for MP by road. In Nimaheda town, in Chittorgarh district, he rode pillion for nearly 7 kilometres to reach the MP border. From there, he walked to the border, where he was taken into preventive custody.
    Latest Breaking News | Rahul Gandhi Detained in Mandsaur |


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