Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ramdev and Fraudulence

An Uttarakhand court has fined Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Rs 11 lakh for fraudulence.  In 2012 the District Food Safety Department had found that many food items such as mustard oil, salt, pineapple jam and honey sold by Patanjali failed quality tests.  In fact, many of these items are not even produced by Ramdev’s Ayurvedic units; they are produced by ordinary commercial enterprises and then given Patanjali labels.  Such is the Baba’s fraudulence. 

There are scores of legal cases filed against the godman and his so-called Ayurvedic industry.   The Baba is guilty of manifold crimes ranging from misleading people to evading taxes.  In 2012, when the godman was asked to pay up Rs 120 crore as penalty for various offences, Digvijay Singh remarked, ““I have seen many frauds in my life but Baba Ramdev takes the cake. He may be occupying more space in media now but I do not visualise Ramdev making an impact on our society for long.  Such people do not last long in public life.”

Mr Singh was right about the fraudulence part but wrong about the durability of that fraudulence.  Today Ramdev’s is an industry that can give the Ambanis and Adanis a run for their money. 

However, the product reviews at Amazon and Flipkart show that consumers are very unhappy with the Patanjali products.  The honey sold by the godman, for example, is sarcastically described as “Sugar which is made from pure honey” by a buyer.

Source: NDTV
While he was part of the India Against Corruption movement in Delhi a few years ago, Ramdev escaped police arrest by wearing a woman’s dress.  He was caught in the act, however.  Otherwise, he would have claimed a miraculous escape and added a whole new chapter of divinity to his biography.  Such is the fraudulence that guides the man’s soul. 

“Baba Ramdev is a fraud and he is not yet arrested because he has support from BJP. Baba Ramdev is using the patriotic feelings of Indians and selling his cheap quality and harmful products. Beware! before you buy any Patanjali product thinking that its natural.”  That is one of the many warnings you will come across against the godman in the ocean of the internet. 

India’s real tragedy is having such frauds as our heroes.  

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