Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Fulfilling your Parental Dreams

Every child is a dream particularly for the parents. A dream that unfolds gradually as the child grows up and ascends the ladder of success. The education of the child plays the most vital role in that process right from the kindergarten.

A child who is admitted to KG today will complete her schooling after 14 years. It is then that the dream takes on added wings. Career becomes the focus. Education becomes a challenge. The right institution of higher learning and the expenses involved become the concern of the parents. The expenditure after 14 years will be more than double of what it is today. That is, if the completion of a chosen course requires Rs 30 lakh today, the amount will be about Rs 70 lakh in the year 2031, when the KG child of today will complete her class 12.

Planning becomes essential for parents. Right from the time the child is admitted to the KG. Planning is more important today than ever because we live in a world that is changing rapidly. Yesterday’s technology becomes obsolete tomorrow. Yesterday’s knowledge becomes insufficient tomorrow. It is enough that we take a casual look at the changes that took place in the last fourteen years to help us imagine what the world will be like fourteen years from now.

Courtesy The Economic Times
Smartphones and social networks have transformed the way people communicate. E-commerce sites have revolutionized shopping. Digital technology is working miracles even in health care. The same technology has brought knowledge literally to the fingertips.

The world is poised to become more complex and challenging in the coming years. New academic courses will emerge. The challenges for the students will be manifold, ranging from choosing the right course to getting admission. Imagination will be the most salient redeeming factor.

We can start by employing our imagination right now. Planning for that future which lies ahead for our children will require quite a bit of imagination. Assocham estimated last year that the cost of education had risen over 150 per cent in the last ten years. It is likely to rise further. Hence it is extremely important to consider our child’s future as
an investment with top priority. Thankfully, there are many options available today. There are numerous firms offering diverse investment plans geared particularly for children and their bright future. 

There is a wide variety of investment plans available today for parents who wish to provide the best possible education to their children without financial hurdle. Invest in best options: that is the secret.

Sabse Important Plan by Birla Sun Life is one of the best options available in India today for parents who are looking for investment options on behalf of their children. Like the other leading financial services in the country, Birla Sun Life offers expert services that will enable our children to live life fully, to say YES to future.

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