Saturday, April 8, 2017

My car has no headlight

Chasing the headlight you drive the car
With single-minded determination to the destination.
You are in a hurry. Hurry!
There’s a whole world to be conquered.
The highway is as alluring as the holy grail.
Highway is a mark of development.
Development is the key to happiness.

In the undeveloped underbrush
In the darkness on either side
Lie mysteries sighing mantras of bliss
Fairies and dryads beckon
Rivers and mountains sing songs of beatitude
Beside the highway

Highways are full of light.
Dazzling light.
The world stands bathed in brilliance.

I embrace the magic of darkness
Away, away from the highway
Far away from the brilliance of your lights.

PS. Inspired by Indiblogger Edition 164


  1. Nice metaphors - highways, holy grail.....

  2. I am afraid of missing out on things that lie on both the parts of the world. The highway for the societal pressure (pleasure?) and the starry nights for self contentment. Afraid of getting stuck at the middle of the road vying for both yet afraid of choosing one over the other.

    A beautiful poem. Hopefully someday I will get the much needed clarity to start my blog afresh.

    1. Clarity is a difficult thing to achieve, I think. Better to move on and clarity will descend in its own time.

      Some people just don't fit in on the highway. They have to find their own way which will be much better.

  3. "Development is the key to happiness". We are where we are because of development or lack of it. Human development is also development. Is it not unwise to expect human development when basic physical development is not provided?

    1. When it comes to poetry, there's only understanding or no understanding. No questions 😁

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