Modi: all fart no shit?


Listen to P Sainath about the farmer's issue and its lethal implication

Narendra Modi has been bluffing a whole nation of 1.35 billion people for over 6 years. He has failed on most of his promises. He promised to deliver petrol and diesel at affordable prices. But their prices kept on rising higher and higher and now they stand at record highs. Same with cooking gas. Same with most other things including essential food items.

He had promised a whole lot of things to India’s farmers too. Sample a few of them.

1. Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana was set up in 2015 for improving irrigation facilities. Rs 50,000 crore was to be invested in irrigation projects by 2020. The actual figure invested so far stands at Rs 8,000 crore. The Yojana hasn’t done much good to most farmers. Most of the projects promised under it are yet to take off.

2. Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana was a much-publicised scheme meant to provide crop insurance to farmers. Even this morning some newspapers carried its advertisements. But the farmers haven’t benefitted by this scheme. The insurance companies did. It is an open secret now that most of what Modi has been and is doing is actually meant for his friends in the corporate sector.

3. Operation Greens was initiated in 2018 for collecting perishable food items like tomato, onion, and potato [given the typical Modiesque acronym TOP] so that farmers don’t have to sell them at distress prices. This year the acronym was modified to TOTAL and all fruits and vegetables were included in the scheme. But who has gained by it? Apparently not any significant number of farmers. A meagre sum of Rs 162 crore is what has been spent on this scheme so far.

It seems there is one scheme, just one, that works: Rs 6000 annual alms for farmers. Farmers are indeed receiving that in their bank accounts. Modi has succeeded in converting the farmers into beggars. He seems to be fully geared to create a nation of beggars soon. No other Prime Minister of India succeeded in getting a rank lower than Bangladesh for the country on vital parameters!

Narendra Modi is a man of big promises and little deliveries. All fart no shit.  Of course, the Unity Statue which cost the nation Rs 3000 crore is collecting a lot of bird shit. The country also will have a new parliament house soon enough. Maybe, Modi wants to go down in history as India’s 21st century Shahjahan.

History has a lot of farts occupying eminent positions. That’s nothing extraordinary given history’s habitual waywardness. Ordinary people were quite helpless against those farts because the systems and situations were tilted totally against the ordinary people. But that’s not the situation today. Yet history is not ready to amend itself in India for certain divine reasons. Farts are rather deep-rooted in a country where certain scatology is sacramental.


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