Dogs are created to obey


When human beings discovered laws

They knew they had struck a gold mine

And more, much more.

It was easy now to subjugate people.

Tell them what to eat, what to wear, what to speak,

In the name of the most divine gods sitting up in the mighty heavens

From whose feet were you born while we emerged from the head.

Wearing sacred threads on our breasts

We tore off the clothes that covered the breasts of your young women

And dropped our divine seeds into their vaginas

So that your race would improve; our generosity, our compassion,

By the mercy of the rules and rubrics sanctioned by gods.


Divine laws dispossessed you of your lands,

Call it Article 370 or whatever.

Divine laws made your women ours

Just for a few minutes, that’s enough.

Divine laws brought fire and fury

Upon you through us, we decide your fate.

Didn’t our ancestors decide the fate of widows

Who burnt on the funeral pyres of their husbands?

We know what’s good for you.

Our gods tell us what’s good for you.

Burn we will where we choose with divine guidance.


We know which gods are good for you.

We know which words are good for you.

We know what you should cultivate on your farms,

Who should buy the produce from you,

What prices you deserve…


We are the masters

Dogs are created from gods’ feet

To wag tails, not tongues.


PS. Today is HUMAN RIGHTS DAY      


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