Go ahead, don't bother about me. I'm just an intruder with a gadget.

Yeah, that's it. You are a newborn calf. You believe my words. Soon you will learn not to.

[Originally posted on 19 Oct 2010.  I'm posting it again because tomorrow my students will return after their Diwali break.]


  1. Hi Matheikal,

    I just happened to read a blog post of yours on Reliance and decided to read a few other posts on this blog and found your style of writing pretty good and it was a good read. I cant stop myself from throwing i a few suggestions to help you get more exposure:

    You are posting the same content here and on your blog which hits you with a duplicate content penalty so I would suggest keeping it just here and not posting the same content on other sites.

    I was wondering why I haven't come across your blog sooner because what you write is something I would love to read and Google in general does a very good job when it comes to discovering good content but in your case you need to take case it hasent fared well. Your sites content also shows up on this website some For example :

    If I was you I would request the webmaster to remove your content from there if it was voluntarily posted by you on that website or if it is being stolen send a DMCA notice to either the webhost or Google. Let me know if you need help with that. I would be more then happy to help you out with that.

    Please implement these suggestions as soon as possible, If not for yourself do it for readers like me who would be delighted to read your blog.

    Parminder Chahal

    1. Thanks, Parminder, for the suggestions. I'm taking seriously your suggestion about the Wordpress duplication. I have no idea how my blog articles find their way to haaram. I never asked them to showcase my blog there. I'm not even aware of what kind of an organisation it is. I'll take action regarding that too.

  2. Very beautiful, pearls of wisdom... so true.

    1. As a teacher, I have seen how children's innocence vanishes. That's natural, of course. I'm not blaming anyone.

      Thanks for seeing through the wisdom.

  3. Replies
    1. I took these photos when I visited my village two years ago. The calf was just one day old.

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  5. LOL :) awesome view....
    wrong choice of post for your students sir :D though most of them are already with the calf's attitude :D

    1. We, teachers, have been presented with a laptop each, Deepak. By the school. That's the gadget!

  6. The calf is innocent ... Hmm...

    Thanks for the idea.


    1. Well, Raghuram, shan't we keep the "original sin" out of this? :)


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