Sunday, December 6, 2015

A few blogs that caught my attention

Reviewing another person’s writing is not an easy job especially in a society that promotes the mutual back-scratching policy.  That’s perhaps the reason why the latest Indispire theme [#BlogReview] has not got any takers so far with a singular exception (until this post is being written). I wonder why the theme got the most votes if Indibloggers didn’t want to review blogs.  The answer may lie in the writer’s subconscious longing for adulation from others.  Every writer is a thoroughgoing egoist as George Orwell said.  I’m no exception. However, I have to write this since I’m the one who suggested the Indispire theme.  If I let down my own suggestion, I wouldn’t be egoistic enough to be a writer!

Rajesh Prabhu’s blog carries the charm of India through delightful photographs.  What’s best about the blog is that it is diametrically opposed to mine: it is full of beauty and optimism, elegance and grace.  Rajesh helps me bounce back from the cynicism that overtakes me against my will.  He adds necessary description to the pictures too.

Some of the best photo blogs are:
Indrani Ghose’s Isharethese
Rupam Sharma’s blog

Vinay Nagaraju does with words what Rajesh does with pics.  His inspiring blog is a well-deserved cynosure at Indiblogger because of the sprightliness it carries unfailingly.

Similarly inspiring bloggers:
Sreedhar Bhattaram’s Reflections on Life are sustained by maturity of vision and experience. 

 Vish’s Wisdom Times: Very practical and useful tips on happy living.  The blog site also provides a free e-book of such tips and counsels.

Shweta’s Sunshine and Zephyr lives up to what the title promises.  It’s the sunshine of passions and the zephyr of sensitivity that she carries. 

For books and authors:

Shreesha Divakaran’s Rain and a Book

Archana Singh: the only problem with this blog is that it bombards you with pop-ups.

The best of poetry:

Amit Agarwal’s crisp poems.  I’m sorry that my knowledge of Hindi is insufficient to appreciate the depth of his terse verse.  But he hits the bull’s eye.  Minimum words, maximum effect.

Saru Singhal’s Words.  Saru possesses a unique skill with words.  Her poems carry the elegance of rhythm and the poignancy of drama.

Maniparna Sengupta’s Scattered Thoughts

Two versatile bloggers who are notable for their commitment to blogging:

Shrinidhi Hande is a voluminous blogger who deals mainly with vehicles and travel.

Leena Walawalkar’s Blah-blah which is much more than what it claims to be. It deals with everything from the movies to festivals, politics to travel, and anything under the sun.

Let me also welcome back Kokila Gupta with her haikus and other verses of sunshine and blue clouds.

And there’s one whom I miss these days.  Hope she will be back soon.  And that’s Roohi Bhatnagar who was a source of inspiration for me in more ways than she might understand.

This is by no means an exhaustive list.  It is impossible to make any such list.  Every selection like this is determined by various factors some of which are related to personal likes. 


  1. Good Morning. Fantastic. Most of the blogs , you have reviewed are my favorites.

  2. That's a really good list to look upon Mr. Matheikal :) I too follow, most among the listed ones, there are a few left and am going to have a look in their zone of blogging. We connect so much on the selective reading part and I am glad to know that. It's hard to find people falling into almost similar taste. Thanks a lot for the prep. :)

  3. I feel honoured to be in your esteemed list, Tom sir:) Thank you:)

  4. So humbled Sir to be in your list !! Thank you in Tons for the mention as well as the Welcome :) It IS wonderful to be back :) :)

  5. Even I was taken aback by the absence of any posts until yesterday. But I thought people were working on their posts and that it takes time to review a blog. In my own view, to review a blog requires much concentration and since I had been busy for the past three days, I was unable to post anything for the prompt. The way you have put up the list of blogs that you have admired is good though, as you have been able to highlight your likes for the specific blog. I guess I will attempt it on similar lines. You have mentioned many bloggers that I like too.

  6. Thank you so much sir...I feel really nice and humbled to be a part of the list... Also motivated to do better :)

  7. Though it is you who is a source of inspiration to me, still thank you for including me in the list. I am not sure if I really deserve this place among all these wonderful bloggers whom I too admire. Regarding my absence, umm can't say much right now except that I am going through an important phase in this life once again which is keeping me in a kind of trance. Hope to bounce back again soon with renewed energy and vigor. Till then I am trying to keep my blog alive through contests and assignments! :)

  8. I follow all the other bloggers you've mentioned here, and they are wonderful in every way. Glad to find myself in the list....honoured and humbled...
    Thank you so much.. :-)

  9. Thank you for the post and listing a good collection of blog. I have been following mos of them, all are brilliant and informative. Also, thanks for including my blog there.

  10. I realized I am not following any of these bloggers in this list. So have added them to my feed list :) Thanks

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. That is a thorough list and most of them are my favorites too. A great list of favorites :)

  13. Wow! I find myself here!
    A great honor from you Sir!
    Thank you very much! :)

  14. Thanks Matheikal for honoring me by appreciating my Blog as inspiring.. I love the good Comment!

  15. You are right about the mutual admiration society. I wrote about it twice, sadly without any effect. I read majority of blogs you've mentioned here. And, I agree with your observation. Thank you so much for the mention, coming from you it means a lot Sir.

  16. I like your intro, blunt and straightforward as always :)
    If I find myself mentioned by a writer such as yourself, it just gives me the confidence that I must be doing something right!
    Truly honoured Sir.

  17. Have been through many of these Blogs & appreciate their effort. Yet to visit some in your list :)

  18. Thanks for the list. Some of them I already follow. Others, I will check out.

  19. Thank you so much for including Rain and a Book :) I am honored!

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