Sunday, December 27, 2015

New Year

The calendar will be replaced,
The old has to give way.
Even the voice, for language too grows old;
Rather, language renews itself like the proverbial phoenix

The new year is for making new mistakes
Trying out new trails
Falling into new traps and ditches
Learning new lessons

Writing new stories
Discovering new voices

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  1. Yes.. this new year is to make mistakes and learn from it. :)
    Nice one :)

    1. Only those who don't try anything new can save themselves from mistakes.

  2. "Falling into new traps and ditches.... Writing new stories, Discovering new voices"
    so true Sir .. will stay away from new traps and ditches,but by the year end the traps will turn out as lost opportunities and the welcoming garden as ditches ! But then let's leave it for the next new year :)

    1. Traps and ditches are inevitable to some extent. They can be seen as opportunities, however.

      Happy new year.

  3. How do you do that Sir? 'Language too renews itself like the proverbial phoenix' - and the ashes of meanings lost, re-interpreted, twisted create a fire in which it will burn and will be re-born.

    1. I don't do it, Sunaina. It happens - that's the plain truth. Elsewhere you mentioned the dedication of my book to RSSB. I dedicated the book to them just because it is they who made me write those stories - most of them, at least. It is they who changed my way of looking at life. It is they who killed my old language and made me create the new language.

      Our experiences can be tremendously transforming forces. RSSB transformed me so much that I had no choice but reinvent my language, the narrative of my life....

  4. Falling in ditches, learning from our mistakes and then committing new one... That's what proves that we are still alive. When we are dead, we don't commit anymore mistakes.

    So very apt, sir! Wish you a very prosperous New Year! :)

    1. Exactly, Rakesh. When we are really alive, when we venture out in new ways, mistakes are bound to happen. Sometimes other people too will dig ditches for us, especially if we are on the path of success...


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