Thursday, December 24, 2015


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The seeker walked on
Winter raged all around
And inside
Deep in the marrow of his bones

Fog descended
Making the night darker
Darkness mounted all around
And inside

Lying down on the veranda
Of some shop or whatever
He longed for warmth
For a touch

He did not open his eyes
When the touch came
Another body
Snuggled close to him

Another seeker, he thought,
Of light amidst thickening fogs
Of warmth against mounting cold
Another seeker, another absurdity.

When the dawn broke
The seeker woke
And saw his night’s companion, a dog,
Walk away indifferently having stretched himself.

From Bhatti Mines, Delhi,
where seekers gather galore


  1. different stages only!
    Great poem!

    1. Yes, Amit, every seeker has his/her level irrespective of the external trappings.

  2. Made my day, reading this. Good one, sir.

    1. Glad to have brought some cheer to your day.

  3. Good one Tomichan sir!! totally loved this piece of yours, finding a companion is not so so easy..meri maa batati hai ek punjabi kahawat - aap na maria to swarg kaise jayte!!

    1. Ha, Hemant! How I regret not learning Punjabi in spite of having so many Punjabi friends.

      By the way, the poem is not about friends or friendship though it can be interpreted that way too. It was about seeking when I wrote it. :)

  4. Beautifully penned thoughts Sir.. Different seekers with different goals !

  5. Very touching. Two seekers, different ways and means, but one destiny and destination. Beautiful poem. :)

  6. Beautiful photo Matheikal. Your poem touched a chord. Nothing like a dog for warmth. Ships that pass in the night.

    1. I lived in Bhatti Mines for 14 years and the photo was taken during one of my many wanderings... Glad you liked the poem.


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