Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Prime Minister's Handshakes

Here are three different handshakes given recently by Prime Minister Mr Modi.

"I have the control, Baby."
A few days back Mr Modi and Rahul Gandhi shook hands when they met during the birthday celebrations of Sharad Pawar.  The handshake shows clearly who the Boss is.  But the eye contacts are of equals.

See the eye contact below.  Notice the handshake too.

Mr Oommen Chandy, Kerala Chief Minister, welcomed the Prime Minister in Kochi yesterday.  The Prime Minister cannot look Mr Chandy in the eye because the latter was chucked out of a function attended by the Prime Minister.  The strong feeling in Kerala is that Mr Modi wanted Mr Chandy out.

And one more handshake from Kerala.  With Archbishop George Alancheril.

The typical politician's handshake.  "The glove handshake is sometimes called the politician’s handshake. The initiator tries to give the receiver the impression that he is trustworthy and honest, but when this technique is used on a person he has just met, it has the reverse effect. The receiver feels suspicious and cautious about the initiator’s intentions. The glove should only be used with people to whom the initiator is well-known." [http://www.indiabix.com/body-language/palm-gestures/]


  1. Quite a worthy read. Thanks for coming up with such interesting topics to blog on.

  2. I always love your unique posting. Expression and handshake says lot about personality.

    1. Yes, even expert fakers cannot hide much from their body language.

  3. Please do a post on hugs too....:)....The hugs they give to each other, the 'jaadu ki jhappi' of Munna Bhai and the 'infamous' hug Arvind Kejrival and Laloo shared.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Abhishek. I wish your profile was visible :)


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