Wednesday, December 30, 2015

God's Love Song

A view from Shimla's Mall Road

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I willed my being into an extension
And the cosmos was born in a Bang:
Every birth is a terror and a joy,
Every creation an extension of a core.
I live, move, and have my being
In all that is, and that shall be,
Much as in the core that sits here.

Hypothesis is what the creation was
When I let myself go in a bang:
An overflow of love infinite.
Experiment is what the creation is
When I add patterns in the mosaic:
A sporting game of love unremitting.
Abel was I, much as Cain was.

I am the turbulence of the rolling waters,
The rage of blasting bombs and fleeting bullets,
The hunger in the eyes of widows and babies,
The roar of the clouds, and the grace of the rainbow.
And the nailed wail on the crucifix.
Evolution is what the creation is, of
The hell and the heaven that I am.


Years pass and we undergo changes swallowing the lessons that life shoves down our throats.  Some of the lessons I learnt in the last couple of years have made my writing a little more complex than earlier.  Really?  It's then I remembered some of the poems I wrote two decades ago when life had inflicted similar experiences on me.  This is one such poem.  


  1. Beautiful poem! It had such a grand feeling! Awesome!

  2. My poetry is so ordinary compared to this. So grand this is...

  3. 'Hypothesis' is what creation was....and yet, on it were built edifices of cultures. The overflow of 'infinite' love has somehow been lost in the 'turbulence' and the 'roar'. Changes, ah, changes - they make it difficult to accept the infinite love, or even the possibility of its existence.

    1. Thanks for your interpretation, Sunaina. Let me add the mingling of good and evil in God. Is Satan a different entity? Can good be without evil? Can it have any meaning?

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