God’s Loneliness

I feel so lonely
though I have quite a few billion fans
on the earth, let alone the other planets
in other galaxies.

After creating all the creatures
who would obey my laws without questions
I created these silly things
with a brain that can think
as well as feel affection
because I wanted affection,
affection rooted in understanding.

But they created religions in my name
political parties in my name
terrorist organisations in my name
retreat centres in my name
schools and colleges
hospitals and asylums
brothels too for selling affection
All in my name
But without me anywhere around

I wanted affection
So I created these chosen animals
But they created their own gods
and left me out in the cold.


  1. And who be that god in the narrative poem? Evolution? Chance and randomness who doesn't give two hoots to the ambitions of the mankind to control the mankind?

    1. It would be Einstein's god, Mahatma Gandhi's god, and humble mine too.


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