Wednesday, May 4, 2016


The word became flesh
And the flesh was nailed to the cross
In a religious ritual
On a mount called Calvary.
Crucifixion became a ritual. 

“Hey Ram!” Called out
the flesh that was nailed
again and again
by owners of The Truth.
The cry became the ritual. 

“Shed the skin like a snake
And regain your new self,”
said the Buddha.
Becoming snake became a ritual.

 PS. Written for Indispire Edition 115 which had already extracted a post from me: Matching Heartbeats.  I'm obliged to write one more post on the theme by the latest posts at Indiblogger.  This is my response to some of the posts which I did not endorse at Indiblogger. #rituals


  1. Very subtle. People mistake the action for the thought behind the action and thus make a mockery of something profound.

    1. Thank you, Kalpanaa, for understanding subtleties. Very few bother these days.

  2. This one is to be read between the lines, for that's where the meaning lies. Such a brilliant one, Mr.Matheikal.

  3. sentiments exactly ! We must try to find the meaning behind the rituals... All that is old can not be gold...

    1. Rituals have a natural tendency to get ossified. It's up to people to make them meaningful.

      Thanks for being here to read what I wrote on your theme.

  4. I'm not someone who love to follow rituals, but I'm open to every view point and accepts both mindsets.

    This was so brilliant. I wish I could weave phrases like that :D

  5. Well written. We will have so much more productivity and harmony if only we seek the meanings before blindly following things.

    1. Undoubtedly. Rituals can make us blind as much as they have the potential to liberate. It's up to us to choose what to do with them.


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