Thursday, June 16, 2016

A friend in the darkness


It was past midnight when something that rubbed against the window pane woke me up. Maybe a leaf carried by the gentle breeze that wafted occasionally in this village not far from the sea. I turned on my side and decided to fall asleep again. But the window whispered again in the unfathomable darkness.  I stared into the darkness. The breezy whisper became a creepy rap on the window pane.  Gentle rap, like a seductive woman's inviting smile.

'Let me in.'  I thought I heard someone say.

I started. Sitting up on the bed, I peered into the dark void outside the window.

'Why don't you let me in?' The voice asked and the window pane groaned.  Sweat trickled through every pore in my skin.

'You are alone,' the voice went on, 'and so am I.  Why not be company to each other?'

My heart was in my mouth and so I couldn't even cry out.

'Ah! You don't want me,' the voice sighed.

The sigh petered out into the void beyond the window.

I heard a sigh rise within me.

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  1. I loved the drama and mystic in it. Loved the narration too. :)

  2. Can't help but write how the same sigh got risen within me just the same way as the narrator. An engrossing read.

    1. Your comment is a huge compliment. Obliged.

  3. If only Heathcliff was there to read it....!


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