Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The hollowness of rhetoric

Delivering the concluding address at BJP's National Executive yesterday, Mr Modi presented seven mantras to his party workers.  Empathy and self-restraint are two of the seven resounding mantras.  The problem is that they only resounded like some hollow echoes in a wilderness because they were accompanied with Modi's abiding taunting of the Congress.  All those great mantras lost the wind in their wings because of the cognitive dissonance that accompanied the rhetoric. Empathy and taunting don't go hand in hand.  Mere rhetoric has never swayed any heart so far.  That's why Modi's speeches make no ripples in spite of his being an excellent orator.

Perhaps, the most pathetic fate that Modi is inflicting upon his party is the compulsive need to flog the Congress even after the latter has become as good as a carcass.  Modi should deliver himself and his party from all forms of hatred which has marked them right from the beginning.  The BJP has to take positive steps in the direction of the future ignoring the follies and blunders of the past.  The ghosts need be buried so that the future can be liberated from them.


  1. Modi,quite often, dig out a buried child and cry out his heart over its death.

    1. The man is suffering from certain complexes some of which need treatment.

  2. Agree that empathy and taunting don't go hand in hand.


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