Friday, June 10, 2016

Between the eyes

Mini story

"Shoot me between the eyes." Rajmohan asked anyone who spoke to him in metaphors.  Truth is as terse and straight as a mathematical equation or a scientific principle and it doesn't need the crutches of metaphors. That was his religion.

But he had never imagined anyone would take his own metaphor literally and fire a bullet directly into his forehead.

Mr Pandit and Mr Sharma had approached him for a donation.  The trust established by their godman was constructing the largest temple in the world. (On land grabbed from a reserved forest.)

"Why do we need temples?" Rajmohan asked them.  "Spend your money on a hospital or school for the poor people who can't afford good treatment or good education."

"God's glory requires temples, bhaiyya,"said Mr Pandit.

The Godman's men used all the poetry they knew to explain god and his glory. God became a flower in the valley or milk in the udder or even the slit in the padlock...

"Shoot me between the eyes," said Rajmohan when poetry sickened him. He demanded a mathematical formula for god.

Mr Pandit took out his pistol and obeyed Rajmohan's order.  His godman had taught him obedience.

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  1. And thus he got his mathematical formula for god.. a null set.. a void.. a death. Cause god is non existent and the believers should seek the opinion on god from a dead. Simple, short but deep.

    1. The whole affair becomes comic and tragic at once whenever religion enters!

  2. Replies
    1. One of the many ironies of life provided by religious people.


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