Monday, June 27, 2016

Plastic Perfume

'I hate plastic flowers,' said Raj.

'But they smell better than the original flowers,' said Mohan, the host.

'No smell at all.'

Mohan brought a canister and sprayed perfume on the flowers.

Plastic perfume suffused the air.

Then the priest came and blessed the perfume.

And everything was OK.

Gods and their priests make everything OK. Plastic.


  1. I am getting the hint of idolatry :)

    1. Religion can sanctify anything. Idols are far more preferable than what today's priests and godmen endorse. The Pope has apologised for how the church has been treating homosexuals. Religions have a lot to apologise for. Religion is plastic!

    2. I do agree. Howfar they succeed in apologising is to be seen. On the other side, Time is changing and people are starting to ask questions which is a beginning of the end of organinsed Religions

  2. Religion is plastic... so true!

  3. The issue very well presented thru words

  4. So true. A Plastic that people use blindly!


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