Thursday, June 23, 2016


"God!" I exclaimed just as he appeared before me as if from nowhere.  I didn't know who he was.  His demeanour carried such grace and aura that the exclamation was my spontaneous response.

"Do I look like a fraud?" He asked.

I didn't say fraud, I clarified. I said God.

I know, he smiled.  God, fraud... He played with the words for a while.

You look like a god, I said.

I don't want to.  He looked slightly helpless.  People will demand miracles. Nothing more.  The priests, godmen and the like will eliminate the real god and then recreate him in their own image.  With the waxen images shaped by them, they will conquer little kingdoms.  Kingdoms with fences around. Then they will teach their followers to shoot and kill those behind other fences, clutching at slightly different waxen images.  Worst of all, they will distort all that I shall ever utter.

I felt pity for him.  Can I help you?  I asked.

Deliver me from myself.  He said that looking into the infinite silence of the heavens.

Ah! I groaned.  I was searching for a god who could deliver me from myself.


  1. I guess we carry lots of expectations from our Gods. :)

  2. Perhaps God is more human than we think :) Very interesting read!

    1. After all,our own creation will have human nature 😊

  3. God, fraud....flawed......Where is the chance for deliverance?

    1. There's only one REAL deliverance: the final one. On the way we can console ourselves with transient deliverances given by gods and godmen.


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