Friday, June 3, 2016

The Earth - a love story

The earth was parched and it longed for love.  Nothing can heal the cracks in the soul as love can.  Everything that has life comes in pairs, reflected the earth.  Man has woman.  The animals have their mates.  Even the plants have their mates. Male and female.  And the love that binds them.  What’s life without that bond? 

The earth longed for a loving touch.  It had been violated for millennia.  Civilisations came and went violating her pristine innocence.  Violation has been her destiny ever since the ape descended from the tree and started walking on two legs. 

Did I not love you?  The rainclouds that gathered in the heavens asked her.  Did I not love you from the time you were born? 

The earth smiled.  Her smile was warped.  But she nodded her ascent.  The cracks in her soul were filled with longing. 

The clouds smiled.  When someone longs for you, you have reasons to smile.  What’s life without that longing?

The rain descended from the heavens consummating the earth’s longing.

Slush formed in the puddles.  What’s love without some slush?

PS. Written for Indispire Edition 120: #Love Challenge


  1. Or maybe where there is love, there is slush....What a beautiful story - love, longing, healing, and just to prevent it from becoming mundane, the slush...!

    1. Yes, Sunaina, where there is love there is slush. Inevitable.

  2. How heart felt. Especially for World Environment Day. Very Nicely written.

  3. Absolutely poetic. And perfect timing, what with the monsoons touching Kerala coast today


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