Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What Makes Modi Admirable?

Success in politics is directly proportional to your ability to manipulate people and systems.  No one on earth can match Mr Narendra Modi in that skill.  From the time he assumed the highest position in the country, there have been multifarious attacks on people belonging to minority communities as well as the Dalits.  The attacks have been both overt and covert.  They keep happening.  Some noise is made by certain people and the event is forgotten.  This is the height of Modi’s success.

Most important positions have been handed over on a platter to the Sangh loyalists.  The latest is the President’s post.  The new man in that post is a typical illustration of what historian Felipe Fernandez-Armesto said eloquently, “Heroes do not make history; history makes heroes.”  Ram Nath Kovind would not have been known beyond the circle of his friends and colleagues had it not been for the twists and turns brought about by Mr Modi in contemporary Indian politics. 

There are clearly ulterior motives in appointing such people to significant positions.  For example, when Mr Kovind mentions Deendayal Upadhyaya in his first speech as President and omits Jawaharlal Nehru the motive is not so covert.  Mr Modi has succeeded in placing people like Mr Kovind in very many positions.  And he has also given them a huge fan following in social media through paid agents.  Ram Nath Kovind got three million followers on Twitter as soon as he took over as President!

Institutions are infiltrated already.  Textbooks are being rewritten.  Even hospitals are not spared: astrologers will now diagnose the ills and woes of Indians!

Indians whose brains have not been pawned in the ever-rising Sangh usury-outlets may wonder what the destiny of this country is going to be.  But our leader – alas, the only one left in the country – knows very well that brains are at a premium in the country.  Mediocrity lives from day to day, forgetting yesterday’s tragedies.  Modi’s real greatness lies in converting India into a nation of mediocre people without a past.  He has erased their history.  He is writing a new history for them successfully.  Only exceptionally gifted leaders can do this.  Modi is one such exception.


  1. Modi is a game changer. He has the ability to know the trends of the different generations- if the older ones suffered the oppressions of caste, religion the newer ones are suffering from the scarcity of new jobs.

    Modi has to offer new ideas to all the generations - dalit leader for the oppressed, gau rakshaks for the Hindus, digital india for the young generation, 56 inch chest for the entire India!

    1. You said it. Modi knows how to play the game. If he were a chess player, the world would have stood stunned by his moves.

      The problem is what India will be by the time he is removed from his position. As it is, India has become a nation of bigots. Sane people have been silenced. Critics have their offices raided by Income Tax people or some other such authorities. Semi-literate saffron sadhus and their cohorts are ruling the roost.

  2. You nailed it, Sir. Perfect observation. Totally agree with the points you mentioned.

    1. I'm glad to find at least a few persons who think I'm raising some relevant questions.


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