Monday, May 22, 2017

Unemployable People

A lot of people are going to be unemployable within a decade or two.  Computers and other machines will do most work.  Even the oldest profession of prostitution will be mechanised thanks to sexbots.  Yuval Noah Harari (author of Sapiens and other books) says in his recent article in The Guardian that it is not a question of being unemployed so much as about being unemployable. A lot of people won’t just possess the skills required to be employed anywhere. 

Harari said it!

 What will governments do with such “useless” people?  Well, if we go by the signs of the times ‘useless’ people will have to follow Darwin’s theory about survival of the fittest and become extinct.  Suicide is already a major cause of death today.  According to, over one million people commit suicide worldwide each year.  On average, one person dies by suicide every 40 seconds somewhere in the world.  The number of failed suicide attempts is much higher.  The world isn’t going to be any better place for those not equipped to live in the emerging mechanised world most of which will be sort of virtual.

Many people are already living in the virtual world of social media and the internet.  Those who can afford that life even without any income can carry on with that existence.  Those who are not interested in that kind of virtual world can choose the classical virtual world of religion, says Harari. 

“What is religion if not a big virtual reality game played by millions of people together?” asks Harari in the article.  We can make Bahubali a kind of reality by playing with rituals and gods even in the traditional ways by involving ourselves more and more in prayers, pilgrimages and other exercises that suit our tastes.

The question is what we will eat and drink.  Most food and water, which are already becoming scarce, will be monopolised by those who can afford them.  Well, there will be a lot of vacancies for godmen and other such religious entities who can produce food and water miraculously.

India’s Right wing is already into a big game.  Various organisations have started eliminating a lot of people in the name of cows and other ‘holy’ totems.  Our ingenious politicians can work out some more advanced games along with the flourishing breed of godmen and their female counterparts many of whom are being given Z-category security these days. 


  1. Harsh reality, population problem and yes Governments have barely done anything to evolve people..Depopulation is welcoming the New World Order, however it's most likely to do good to the intelligent ones :)

    1. Governments have always done the same thing: playing with people. It's a nice game, interesting game, cruel game. India at present is playing it best.

      The New World Order will eliminate a whole lot of population. It's happening and nobody is seeing it!

  2. I have been giving some thoughts to it for some time. My friends are shit scared of getting out of jobs from IT companies heeding to the latest job cuts rumors because of automation.

    I am even scared of getting replaced by educational channels with better experienced professors which would do a better job of teaching students than what I would do.

    Either we have to adapt quickly to the chamge from digitisation or face unemployability.

    The thing is emoloyability and visibility largely depends on boot licking than on skill sets.

    I am thinking of better start learning some jargons from Osho, Sadhguru and shri shri and wearing safron garments to increase my chances of emoloyability in the future.

    Sorry for a long comment but you have talked about the very same issue that I was thinking of.

    1. First of all, thanks for the long comment. You are one of the rare readers who connect with me in the same wavelength.

      IT profession is a self-decimating profession. The professionals create machines/software which will destroy their own job. Only the best who can float above the capitalist, competitive, self-destructive system can survive. And how long? Until they will find the system to transport themselves to another planet?

      Boot licking is what keeps a whole bunch of thugs, loonies, idiots, and quite many others successful in the system. polititicians love such people just as the ancient kings and priests did. The system always belonged and still does to the king and the priest. You see how idiotic godmen get on today very very successfully.

      It's a sad, sad world with Art of Living frauds making it big.

  3. .......Means a gray future is waiting for us


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