Thursday, May 18, 2017

Bhoothathankettu Dam

Bhoothathankettu derives its name from a mythological legend which claims that bhoothams (monsters) constructed a barrage across the Periyar River in order to help goddess Parvati to redeem her spouse Shiva from other women in whom he found his pleasures while they were on their spiritual quests.  Massive boulders lie across the river looking like a natural barrage.  There is a man-made dam too though the real tourist attraction lies in the forest which leads to the bhootham-built barrage.

We visited the place yesterday as part of my driving practices. Here are some pictures from the place.

The Dam

Walk towards the boat rides
A view from the boat
One of the massive trees in the forest
Some fun too
Walk towards the legendary barrage
A cave on the way
One part of the barrage
A view from the boat
The Team


  1. We visited Bhoothathankettu last week only. It is one of the three places that we keep visiting, Bhoothathankettu, PaniyeliPoru and Ezhattumugham are those three as all three of them are easy to reach and so similar. Bhoothathankettu, due to its proximity, is like the first real tourist place I visited multiple times during childhood.And that tree is quite the one to catch one's attention, so is the cave and the swing, right? Is the fallen tree also there on the way?

    1. Yes, the tree is still lying on the way though not obstructing the path.

  2. Congrats on being top featured posts at Indi blogger. Great post keep up the good work.


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