Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A gospel

When you’ve learnt to really care, the noises and gestures cease to matter.  The slogans sound absurd.  Rhetoric is out of place.  Any god is okay as long as the god supports the wellbeing of everyone around.

If your god and creed become a cause for even one person’s sorrow, be assured that the god is false, the creed is false.  If your prayers don’t envelope the entire world around you, they are mere longings of a selfish creature even if they are addressed to a god and follow the formulas prescribed by a creed.

When the tree becomes a mystery, the shower a revelation, and each person out there a spark of divinity, you don’t need temples to worship.  Rather the gods will fold their hands before you in respect.  And your heart overflows with humility.

Death need not be the end. Death need not be a transit to hell or heaven or any such place.  Death can be a fulfilment, the fulfilment of your real self without the layers put on it by gods and creeds and their agents.

PS. Inspired largely by Dag Hammarskjöld


  1. Does it mean that real self want to die out of the burden imposed by the Gods and its people?

    Or does it mean that death is the symbolism for enlightenment which only Buddha got?

    1. Neither. It means that for a person who has lived a life self-fulfilment, death is not a tragedy but the natural culmination.


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