You show stress symptoms, the doc said,

What’s it that bothers you?


Nothing, I said as he wrote the prescription

of the usual pills and one more.

You need some good sleep, he said.


There’s nothing that should steal my sleep,

I repeated but he didn’t believe me.


The truth is that I was losing sleep.

Over an ambulance driver who rapes

the Covid patient he is taking for medical care.

Over film stars and heroes

who are arrested for drug pushing.

Over the topmost bureaucrat

arrested for smuggling in kilograms of gold.

Over God’s own men on the road

who lynch peasants taking home their cows.


Bolo, Jai Sri Ram!

The lynch mob’s scowl

looms like a spectre

over my bed

stealing my sleep.


Why to bother you, doc,

with my spectres?

Even gods are helpless,

what can you do?

Except prescribe tabs

for my symptoms?





  1. Well written one current situation....
    Also, loosing sleep as these politicians (most of the people) are behind only money...

    1. If the leaders are good, the subjects will be better. The corollary is obvious, I'm sure.


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